The dangers of exposure to porn pics on children

Parents should be on the lookout whenever their children are using the internet, reading magazines or other publications. This is because children can either be exposed to pornographic pictures either intentionally or accidentally and it is addictive. Over time, the exposure poses a threat to the children. They can begin to exhibit unusual behavior that they didn’t show before.

Children can also be affected psychologically and appear to be in very deep thought at times. However, porn pics in or may have different effects on each and every child who is exposed to them. Some of the common reasons why porn pics are not safe for children include;
Increased chances of child molestation and sexual violence
When a child sees pornographic pictures, he or she is likely to become more curious and want to experiment what they have observed. The child’s desire for more and more of the same content also rises. They are more likely to engage in rape and other forms of sexual violence to those around them.
Those people who are attracted to children below the age of consent show the pictures to their victims. The unaware child thinks it is okay to engage in the practice exhibited on the pictures. This way, they become an easy target to child molestation.
Tampers with the development of a child
When a child is repeatedly exposed to pornographic pictures, he or she tends to always fantasize about them. The child’s brain is still developing and it becomes hard to erase the images from their memory. Some of them may also masturbate.

The child may get confused about their sexuality. This is because the pictures promote a sense of confusion and misinformation about their bodies. The child tends to ask many questions regarding what they saw in the pictures.
Increase the desire for more content
Pornography is addictive. Once a child sees porn pics, he or she will want to view more obscene content including videos. They can also go online to search for more content.
This can affect a child in that, only after seeing these materials is when they feel satisfied. The desire can only be calmed when they view the content.
Creates a false sense of identity and attitude
Young boys who view pornographic pictures may start to see women as objects for use. Young girls exposed to the same may also begin to see sexual harassment from boys as okay.
In future, this may affect their ability to commit to one partner. They may, therefore, tend to have multiple relationships. This is because they don’t see any meaning or importance of having a committed relationship.
Sexual addiction which may result in unplanned pregnancies and transmission of STDS

This mostly affects children under the age of fourteen years. For instance, if a young boy is exposed to porn pics, his desire for always wanting to get intimate is increased.
With no time, the desire turns into sexual addiction and may result in early pregnancies in teenage girls. Chances of acquiring HIV/AIDS and other STDs also rise in the process.
The child may grow to be a bully and sexually try their learned behavior on other children
Children who mostly read pornographic magazines and see the nude pictures are likely to go for younger children and sexually abuse them.
They also act in a cruel way towards their friends as they try to experiment what they observed in the pictures.

The porn pictures should not be exposed in a way that children can easily view them. There should be limitations put in place to restrict children from obtaining the content.…

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